Main strengthes


Close contact with the store chains via the Eurelia Club

We can offer investors or developers:

  • Marketing supportConfirmation (or otherwise) of the store chains’ likely interest in a particular project or town
  • Knowledge of their expectations where shopping outlets are concerned including aspects such as the surface area, rent, and perceived quality of a particular plan, etc.


Experience in the European retail sector

Having already participated in the structuring of several markets, we have developed an in-depth watch out of:

  • The retail structure in European cities (shopping centres and shopping streets), along with their historical performance levels.
  • Our analyses cover more than 200 cities in more than 20 countries.
  • The main distributors operating in the various countries (hypermarkets, specialised store chains, etc.) including among other things their market share and image.


Databases on international retail real estate projects

More than 2,000 projects have been listed and regularly updated