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 International Division of PROCOS Federation


Advisor in international Retail Real Estate


  • To real estate actors (retailers, developers, investors, leasing agent…)
  • Thanks to its twofold role as:

             a Federation of 90 international brands

             a Business intelligence firm

  • From more than 20 years
  • In EMEA and other countries
  • via:

             Unique analysis

             Effective tools to help real estate actors take major decisions



Workshops Eurelia

Eurelia diversifies and develops new "workshops" formats centred on the exchange between adherents in targeted countries but less discussed in plenary meetings.
April 10 – Atelier Algeria with the co-animation of Pedro ASSIS (Etam)
April 23rd-Atelier Greece with the co-animation of Olivier MALFETTES (Orchestra)
Other workshops are expected. Don't hesitate to let us know which countries or areas you are interested in.