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The Eurelia Clubs are open to international store chains whose strategies include establishing new stores in one or several countries, keen to exchange information with other store chains.

The organisation provides advice and supports store chains as they expand in Europe:

  • Advising the member store chains concerning their choice of sites in towns and cities throughout Europe.
  • Providing them with effective, up-to-date tools to help them succeed in their target markets.
  • Dealing with specificities related to the development of a European network.
  • Encouraging a dynamic process of exchange between the federation's members.


The Eurelia Federation is divided into two "clubs": the Europe Club and the Spain-Portugal Club, both of which operate in the same manner.

  • The Europe Club

Carries out in-depth work focusing on most of the countries in "old Europe", Central Europe but also (on a more specific basis) the Middle East, North Africa, the Scandinavian countries or Asia via a number of workshops.
Please note: Spain and Portugal are handled by our division in Barcelona (to access information for these two countries, you will need to join the Spain-Portugal Club).


  • The Spain-Portugal Club

The Spain-Portugal Club was created 20 years ago in partnership with the Spanish research service Retail & Trade Marketing, specialising in marketing, which provides store chains with analysis on consumers, competition and the business environment, and identifies opportunities for them to improve and best position themselves in the market.
The members of the Spain-Portugal club have access to unique databases, based on an extremely active dialogue between the store chains including panels, a performance index at each site, and a database of projects.

For further information, download our Eurelia presentation brochure in English.


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