Expanding worldwide


with a valuable support from Eurelia



Along with Emmanuel de Labarre, we created Eurelia 20 years ago to enable specialised store chains to set up more easily in new countries by providing them with a detailed analysis of the retail situation in European markets, studies focusing on major European towns and cities in addition to a retail projects database.

Back then, the two fast-growing international markets were Belgium, (easily accessible to French developers) and Spain at that time. The store chains expressed a clear demand for greater information concerning the Spanish market. With this in mind, during a franchising show held in Barcelona we forged an alliance with the company Retail & Trade Marketing (an independent marketing company based in Barcelona, and an expert in Market Studies and Consumer Behaviour studies for major store chains and developers), which is today run by Ricardo Rustarazo.

Their knowledge of the situation out in the fieldwork and the specific characteristics of the Spanish market, (including mass migration to the cities or the high density levels to be found in the suburbs, etc.) and their knowledge of the store chains combined with our expertise in urban development (urban schemes, the quality of insertion of shopping centres in the city, the importance of traffic factors, etc) led to the creation of the Spain-Portugal Club. This partnership has been in place for 20 years now and the Spain-Portugal Club today has more than 35 members.

In the mid-1990s, the booming Polish market led us to set up the Europe Club, thanks to which we further improved our expertise with countries such as the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Germany and also Italy. Today, the Europe Club carries out in-depth work focusing on several countries located in "old Europe", Central  Europe but also via a number of workshops for the Middle East, North Africa, the Scandinavian countries or Asia. This club also numbers around 30 members.

Via this joint organisational structure, Eurelia offers its member store chains a unique solution to enhance their expansion strategy in the various European markets (the Europe Club) and more specifically in the Spanish and Portuguese markets (the Spain-Portugal Club, in partnership with Retail & Trade Marketing).


These services include city reports on the retail structure in place and under project, a monthly turnover tracking panel, legislation watch, a database of retail projects, a database of rents, the organisation of meetings but also personalised strategic advice tailored to the needs of each store chain.


Michel Pazoumian

CEO Eurelia