For 20 years, Eurelia has been providing valuable support for retail chains in Europe. Based on its two core competencies – as a Federation of 90 international retailers and as an independent expert on European retail consulting with a longstanding relation with real estate actors (developers, investors, leasing agent…) – Eurelia is a unique structure for retailers, developers, investors, cities and urban planners.

Eurelia offers:

  • 20 years of expertise on European retail consulting,
  • A unique place for dialogue and data exchange for International Directors,
  • Strategic advice, data and tools to make decisions on European retail issues,
  • An understanding of European urban retail development and of the “best retail practices”, on more than 150 European cities and more than 20 countries,
  • A multidisciplinary team, which can work out a project from the early stage to the final phase,
  • An in-depth understanding of retailers’ needs and strategies in Europe,
  • A 20 year-consulting experience to investors and developers, with an expertise on more than 15 countries.



Mid-April, Eurelia provided training on Introduction to International on three Border markets: Belgium, Switzerland and Luxembourg. For more details, contact us.


Welcome to the 2 new members « Danone » and « + Visión » that have joined our Iberian divisions. For more details on registration conditions to join Eurelia Clubs, click here.